About our blog

Afishionado Fishmongers is your community-minded provider of fresh and fresh-frozen seafood. For us, knowing the story behind the fish we sell is paramount. We follow Ocean Wise certification as our main guide, a classification that ensures responsibility to a fishery’s abundance and catch method. We also build and maintain deep relationships with those who catch and grow our seafood, and work hard to help foster a fair, transparent, traceable, and sustainable exchange of seafood right here in the Maritimes.

We work non-stop to make sure that seafood sourced from small-scale, community based fishers and aquaculturalists is shifted away from the faceless bulk export market, in order to tell the story of each and every ounce of seafood we source, and to promote sustainable economic development in our communities.

Follow our blog to learn about our latest Catch of the Week, stories featured in the media, or our latest learnings from the field as we continue to change the face of sustainable seafood in Nova Scotia and beyond.